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The Moonshine Murders

The Jailer's Daughter Mysteries: Book 2

Lily, the adventure seeking teenage daughter of the rural county jailer, has a history of amateur sleuthing. Christi, her shy and studious cousin, has sworn off being her reluctant sidekick. Lying, spying, and sneaking into forbidden places are not in her nature. That is until Uncle Bill, the county jailer, is shot. Now all bets are off. In 1970, sometimes the justice system needs a little help.

While investigating a moonshine still that a local farmer found on his property, Christi’s Uncle Bill, the rural county jailer and deputy sheriff, is shot twice in an ambush. The farmer is gunned down. The attackers get away without a trace. Christi, a city girl, travels with her mother to rural Roselyn, Mississippi, her mother’s hometown, to support the family.

Convinced that local mistrust of ATF federal agents will hinder the investigation, Lily is determined to find the culprits who shot her daddy. She just needs to persuade Christi, her scaredy-cat cousin, and her best friend Troy, the son of the investigating detective, to join the hunt. Living in a house connected to the jail, Lily thrives on excitement and pushing boundaries. Rule-abiding Christi and Troy have been entangled in Lily’s misadventures before and suffered the consequences. With Uncle Bill’s life on the line, Lily manages to convince them this time will be different. What harm can a few questions and a little information gathering do?

Lily’s first assignment brings them face to face with a bootlegger brandishing a shotgun. Christi and Troy quickly realize Lily has once again left out critical details of her plan. When the trio meet Jake, the undaunted teenage son of the murdered farmer, he offers to take them to the location of the ambush. The horrifying scene they stumble upon has them running for their lives. The deeper the foursome dig to uncover the truth, the more the danger escalates, and the threats become personal. Will they back off and let the authorities handle it? Or will their stubborn doggedness result in another disaster?

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Protective Instinct


A Thriller

When self-absorbed, international bestselling author Sebastian Bartoli refuses to write the biography of the infamous, mob-connected Maximillian Fontana, the consequences turn deadly.

Sebastian (Bash) Bartoli is an international bestselling crime novelist. Maximillian (Max) Fontana, who is reputed to have ties to organized white-collar crime, has insisted Bash write his biography. Concerned for his safety, Bash’s friend/agent devises an elaborate plan for him to disappear to a secluded location on Guntersville Lake in Alabama. Being accustomed to having his comfortable life managed, Bash is irritated by the inconvenience of having to deal with his own affairs, not to mention the danger it might pose if he is discovered.

Morgan Skylar is a good-natured and unfiltered, southern kindergarten teacher. She is much more comfortable eating potato chips with Cheez Whiz and Louisiana Hot Sauce than champagne and caviar. After the death of her overly protective grandfather (Pops) who raised her in rural Georgia, she takes time off to grieve, ending up in a cottage next door to Bash. When mechanical issues arise, she seeks help from the renter in the main house. Bash is annoyed that his secluded hideout is apparently not so secret. Begrudgingly, he offers her assistance. This is where Morgan and Bash’s worlds collide. When suited, armed men show up at the lake house, Morgan’s trained survival skills take over, and she secures their escape by boat as bullets fly.

Morgan offers to provide a temporary sanctuary to Bash in her Pops’ remote Appalachian cabin. Upon arrival, she discovers a letter from Pops revealing his dangerous past that may now be coming for her. As the unwitting targets of dangerous men, Bash and Morgan fight to stay a step ahead of their pursuers, while seeking answers. Bonds are tested. Trusts are broken. Alliances formed. Agendas hidden.

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Genuine Deceit

A Suspense Novel

Abandonment. Suicide. Murder. When a young woman finds herself unknowingly accountable for the past sins of her family, she must unravel their secrets and lies to stay alive.


When her grandmother is brutally murdered in her own home, Reagan Asher leaves her corporate job and rushes to her sleepy hometown in Ohio. She has barely entered the house before a second break-in attempt is made, prompting police to believe it’s not just a random burglary. Reagan’s lifelong friend Mattie asks Aiden Rannell, her brother-in-law and an ex-Navy Seal, to lend support and protection to Reagan as she navigates the investigation.

Aiden suggests a ring that Reagan’s grandmother owned may be more valuable than anyone believes. Considering her frugal life growing up, Reagan dismisses the idea, showing Aiden an old pink box filled with similar colorful, ornate costume jewelry she and her friends played with as children. When they find a decades-sealed container with shocking contents supporting Aiden’s concerns, Reagan begs him to help her find the origin and if it is related to her Nana’s death.

With the answers seemingly rooted in Reagan’s family’s past, they delve into her tragic childhood as the danger escalates. With each new revelation of betrayal and deception, Reagan begins to doubt everything she ever knew about her life.


The Bloody Shoe Affair

The Jailer's Daughter Mysteries: Book 1


A daring and thrilling adventure with the jailer's daughter


Christi, a shy and naïve city girl, reluctantly teams up with her cousin, Lily, the “double-dare-you” teenage daughter of the county jailer of Roselyn, Mississippi, to figure out what happened the night Lily observed a deputy drop a pair of women’s bloody shoes from a bag. In an effort to find the truth and seek justice for the accused, they are drawn into an adventure of risk and unexpected twists that result in dangerous consequences. On their exciting journey, they explore forbidden places, meet colorful characters, and even find a little romance.


The Bloody Shoe Affair is also a marvelous coming of age story as Christi gains some independence from her family during her trip and also experiences a bit of romance. 


While this mystery was written for young adults, I found it to be an entertaining and satisfying story that mystery fans of all ages should enjoy. 

Jack Magnus of Readers' Favorite - 5 out of 5 Stars




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